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LEAVES collection

This collection is based on a series of photographs I made walking through the forest. The patterns of these leaves and branches fascinated me. The design of these jewels are a graphic interpretation of a leaf.


In the 'Leaves dewdrops' collection, the graphic interpretation of a leaf is embellished with subtle diamonds, grasping onto the veins of the leaf like dewdrops on a spring morning. Delicate and contemporary, unique pieces to cherish forever.

Brand Awareness

Exclusivity is of paramount importance for Röell Jewellery, with the pieces all being exclusively created in their own workplace by its own in-house designers.

The entire collection is produced by the finest craftsmen in Antwerp, with the absolute perfection of the finish being a ‘sine qua non’ that is never lost sight of.

Only carefully selected diamonds and precious stones of the very highest quality are considered for the Röell Jewellery collection. This finishing touch is also used for adjustments, and any repairs on your personal jewellery. After-sales service is therefore self-evident.

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